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Therapy & Counseling Services

Dr. Danielak uses a wholistic approach to understand the reasons the clients is coming to therapy. She then provides both behavioral and cognitive interventions since understanding the issues alone is not a solution. Dr. Danielak works with ages six and up.


When working with a child, Dr. Danielak strongly believes that the involvement of the parents in counseling is critical, and she keeps parents informed and involved throughout the process. Helping the child is the first priority and improving communication with the parents is the second goal of working with both children and adolescents.


Dr. Danielak believes in providing quality care that considers you as an individual, and not as a diagnosis. Each client is treated as a whole person and appropriate services are structured on a case-by-case basis. Dr. Danielak feels honored and privileged to provide therapy and counseling services to each and every one of her clients, and would be proud to serve you, as well.


Therapy and Counseling Services Include:

   Depressive disorders (e.g., post-partum, premenstrual syndrome, dysthymia, major depression
      and bipolar disorder)

   Anxiety disorders (e.g., generalized anxiety, panic attack, agoraphobia, and obsessive  

     compulsive disorder)

   Attention-deficit / hyperactivity disorder and the problems it causes

   Parenting and step-parenting guidance

   Eating disorders

   5-step parenting program


Therapy Forms

Pricing and Informed Consent for Therapy Child

Pricing and Informed Consent for Therapy Adult

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